The Goldmine On My Daily Commute

The GoldMine On My Daily Commute


Some days I enjoy my daily commute to work. The drive from my beautiful casa to the fortress of doom can be fun and yet thought provoking. The fun in my drive is noted when I get to hear some great tunes and listen to Heidi and Frank in the morning. The topics on that show are hilarious
and my daily commute screams for comedy and happiness.

This morning was a cloudy and dark morning. For me, this is great weather because I hate California and the fact that it is always 80 degrees here. I personally love when it rains, and would rather it snow here on an everyday basis if it could. As I am continuing to drive, I hear Heidi and Frank speak about the things that they absolutely can’t live without. As I am listening and busting guts, I look over to see a woman digging up her nose so hard and so much that I swear she had a mountain of gold waiting for her. She was digging as if she was looking for the “Golden Nugget of youth”. I was stuck in traffic, so I had plenty of time to get a good look at the episode going on in her car. I started to drive an inch in the lane that I was in. As my car inched forward, I was thankful that I didn’t have to see that horrific scene anymore.

I thought was in the clear away from seeing the damage done to her nose however, the lady decided to take a taste of her “golden goods”. I almost threw up. I don’t get how adults still do that. How do they still dig up their noses? Didn’t we learn when we were younger that doing this activity without a tissue is not something that is cool to do in public? I know I should have turned my head away, but I wonder if she saw me looking at her,would she stop her activity?

These are things that I need to remember when I see someone doing that:

  1. When I see someone digging for the future of gold, turn away
  2. Glance once and turn away
  3. Turn up my radio to distract me so that I can continue my laughter and character building drive to work
  4. TURN AWAY so that I don’t see the booger finger injected into the persons mouth



Prime Time Office Wars

Girl Fights- Round 1

Prime Time Office Wars

What happened to women standing together? Why can’t women ever really BE on the same team?

Women today don’t seem to want to collaborate with each other or even truly be on the same team towards rising above the glass ceiling in many companies. In the company that I currently work for, women here are very two-faced and cut throat when it comes to working together. We don’t have many women that are currently at the Director or Senior level in positions here and it’s very sad that we can’t work together to become a stronger force towards running the office in the future.

    There are several types of women you may meet in an office environment

  • The Sleeper Upper. This type of female has another objective when being hired.Her objective is to
    find a job,get into a position of earning her bosses respect and show him how much she wants to
    thank him for his time.
    This type of female does not want to work. She only wants to dress a certain way which is
    entertaining to most men in the office and come to work to flaunt her power.
    She will flourish in the eyes of her boss that she is boning on a regular basis,
    but in reality she is not doing anything and her attitude sucks.
    This causes an argument and disrespect of her shown by other employees working with her.

  • The Maxi Pad. This type of female is just always frightfully mean.
    She is unapproachable by everyone and the only great thing about her is
    that she can hold onto is her job.
    This is the woman that actually does her job and is great at it, but is a mean spirited person.
    If you were to ask how her weekend went, her response would either be non-existent
    as she is ignoring you or the answer would a short “fine”.
    If you have to ask her for something, you’d rather not and ask someone
    else that may know or you email her to avoid face to face interaction.

  • The Push Pop. This is the push-over, run-over, push pin that everyone steps on.
    This female is always crying and has an issue with something.
    This is the choice female for the maxi pad and the sleeper upper to be a bitch to.
    This is the female that will take the abuse.

  • Last but not least, The Normal Girl is always present in the office.
    This is the female with a great personality,always personable and does her work.
    She is the one that anyone can confide in and speak to on an intimate level.
    She comes from a great family and honestly loves her job.
    Sadly, this is the woman that everyone in the office hates.
    She has everything going great for her at home and at work
    and the other women hate that about her.
    “She is always so freakin bubbly.”

  • Women should stick together in the office and try to achieve the step-up to CEO and COO positions. Many times I hear women complain about the amount of sexism that occurs in an office. Women complain that men get paid more than they do when it is the woman that is achieving her goals and meeting her quota and not the man that got the raise. Many times, this is true. However, sometimes women make it easier for men to make those choices to choose their bro’s over the great female employee because of the way that the women act in the office. Many times men think that if they promote a woman up under them there will be a fair amount of drama to follow. Look at Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer… DRRRAAAMMMMAAAAA!!!

    If we work together instead of fighting each other and everyone, we as women can become the decision makers that make the difficult choices to promote the career-minded women over the bro’s.



School is officially back in session

School is officially back in session

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

Fall Semester is in session: Time to wake up from the long summer nap!!!

Today was the slowest car ride of what seemed like my entire life. Today was the first day for most students and it did not seem that their parents were at all ready for this day either. Traffic was moving awfully slow-I mean seriously slow. I even saw someone seem as if they didn’t know exactly what school their kids are attending and therefore stopped abruptly around the area of the school. The kids jumped out and ran to the school which was down the street and behind the car. I was laughing so hard as I was waiting in traffic.

I know that my parents back then were so excited that I rode the bus to school. They did not have to fight the traffic that the commuter kids of today and their parents face. I was lucky enough to be able to walk to the bus stop and take the school bus to school. I made sure to arrive on time to the bus stop everyday at the age of 10 and knew what bus I was going to take. It taught me to be more responsible at that age and keep in line with my parents goals for me. My point is that the school bus provided less worry for my parents. My first bus driver was irresponsible and was replaced. My second bus driver was very responsible and educated. She would make sure that we told her what we learned in one sentence before we exited the bus each day.

Also, kids riding the bus cuts down on so much traffic. Imagine if most kids all rode the school bus. There would be so many children getting to school on time and without having to run back towards the front entrance. There would be a less traffic. Traffic would be greatly minimized therefore soothing the headache that I have on a daily basis when fall semester starts.

school bus


YLMCIM means you love me cause i’m me!!!

I.F. here on Tues, Aug 6, 2013. I am sitting here at work finishing up with the rest of my day. I am happy to say that I am officially excited and happy that this is GeekWeek on Youtube. GeekWeek is a great week for Gamers and Nerds all around the world. This week celebrates everything geek from:

  • GameChurch
  • New PS3 games for Free on PS Plus
  • New previews of EOY 2013 games to hit the shelves

I love Geek Week because all geeks are as amp’d as I am. It’s total Geekmania!!! We are in total celebration mode as we collaborate on all things Nerd. Our love for technology lets us share it in true Geek Fashion…. Streaming and Social Networking.

Now that I am an official member of, I plan to keep the faith in Christ and in gaming. GameChurch,
Game Church is an awesome company that has presented a novel idea of continuing to spread the love and support of Christ while continuing to spread the word of Video Gaming. It’s actually something that I know will bring me joy from now into the future as I love the Lord and Games, not equally, but the love is there for both.



Summertime Creations

Summertime Creations
Three Toned: Red, Purple and a side of BlueIMG_20130704_152651

grape wine
Purple, Hint of Blue,with a creme bottom

Shorts for the summer are always a good to have. Especially one of a kind shorts that will receive a ton of compliments.

This summer has started off with scorching hot temperatures.  I can only say that here in California, it has reached a high of 115 degrees in hell.  Of course, I realize that in other states or places, it may be hotter with additional humid.   However, the weather where I am located makes me want to walk around with minimal clothing and eat a bucket of ice.  I started to make clothing to get my mind off of the heat.  With the air in my face and heat on my back, what can go wrong??

(Listening to XXYYXX-Bill Gates)